The Consumer is King

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Forget the phrase the customer is always right. We’ve got something new in mind… “the consumer is king”. The IA&C team thrives on the notion that consumer usability is the number one driving force when launching a product, and boy do they follow through!

In 2010, IA&C lead two companies’ successful campaigns working off this business model, THQ and The California Travel & Tourism Commission (CTTC).

THQ came to IA&C to market their UDraw product, a peripheral drawing tablet for the Wii game. While THQ came to the team with a product and a website, they needed a way to connect with their consumer. At the time, launching a drawing tablet was a risky move when the iPad was making great headway into becoming a household name. THQ was confident in their product but they needed some direction, IA&C was on board to make it happen.

The first step to success was going straight to the consumer. IA&C developed an additional website for UDraw, positioning the tablet as a cost effective, family centered product that could take drawings from the tablet to the tv to the web. IA&C videotaped consumer interviews monitoring their reaction to both websites – what did they like, what did they think the product was, would they buy it, what did they connect with?

By documenting and analyzing consumer reactions, the IA&C team was able to present to THQ an overhauled version of their original campaign which ultimately led the company to unprecedented success. The teams are currently preparing for an international version of the product.

The California Travel & Tourism Commission (CTTC) needed an effective way to present marketing materials to the International Travel Trade. They worked with IA&C to create the ultimate Travel Trade Portal – providing travel agents with the material they needed to create their own itinerary packets for their prospective agencies. One key issue, what material did they need?

Again the first step in this success story, was going straight to the consumer. IA&C conducted multiple interviews, focus groups and held conversations with travel agents in China, Russia and Europe to find out what they were looking for. After gauging what the consumer actually wanted and what they had troubles finding, the IA&C team was able to prioritize what information the CTTC needed to push out, and how to do it.

But the job isn’t over yet. IA&C puts heavy importance on the iterative process – testing, re-adapting and more testing.

For this team, it’s all about how can you fully and flawlessly produce for your consumer so they don’t get up off their throne and move on to the next.

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