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Visit California


Digital Destination: California

Visit California (formerly known as the California Travel & Tourism Commission) is a non-profit organization with a mission to develop and maintain marketing programs – in partnership with the state’s travel industry – that keep California top-of-mind as a premier travel destination.

We are proud to have a long standing partnership with VCA. Our most recent project includes the launch of their new travel trade website, www.visitcalifornia.traveltrade.com, a digital destination designed and developed for professionals in the travel industry.

Project Details

Client Visit California
Date OCT 2013
Skills User Experience, Design, Focus Groups


The Travel Trade Industry is an essential partner for Visit California in that they serve as advocates supporting travel to the state of California. The Travel Trade has constituents all over the globe planning travel to California. Visit California’s goal was to provide 24/7 support to the Travel Trade by creating a digital destination where the Travel Trade Industry can quickly and easily access data, images, videos, itineraries and more to assist travel planning to California.


Our team recommended an all-inclusive portal to serve the Travel Trade Industry. Our first focus was to reach out industry individuals and informally interview them to determine what their primary, secondary and tertiary needs are. From those sessions we learned invaluable information about Travel Trade business goals and how Visit California’s portal can help support those goals. We learned that the industry most desired photographic imagery they could show their international clients. Therefore, we designed the homepage to showcase the digital assets available from Visit California. The Top 100 images served as the homepage hero when users first visited the site. In addition, we discovered that the Travel Trade preferred to put together example itineraries for their clients and the best itineraries were location focused, contained maps and event information. In response, we prioritized the features on the homepage to present sample itineraries the Travel Trade could leverage, added downloadable maps and presented the top events for the coming months.


The Travel Trade portal, www.traveltrade.visitcalifornia.com, was nominated for TTG Travel Awards 2013, Best Travel Trade Facing Website of the year in May 2013. The portal has received over whelming response from the Travel Trade Industry and we see usage continuing to increase.