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Visit Indy

Tourism Master Plan leading the Industry

A first ever tourism Master Plan, a roadmap to sustainable destination growth and enhanced quality of life through tourism. The design of the plan is anchored around diverse community input and engagement from throughout the region. A tourism master plan will ensure the continued growth of Indy’s tourism business and quality of life.

The development of Indy’s roadmap to being a must visit destination commenced in October 2014 with our team providing digital thought leadership.

Project Details

Client Visit Indy
Date JAN 2015
Skills User Experience, Design, Focus Groups


Visit Indy is one of the first destinations in the U.S. to invest in a Tourism Master Plan. As part of the launch of the plan, Visit Indy recognized they needed an effective way to establish on-going communications with Indy partners, the community and businesses who have a vested interest in the success of the Tourism Master Plan.


Our team was excited to launch Indy’s Tourism Master Plan site: www.tourismmasterplan.visitindy.com. The primary purpose of the site is to provide an introduction to the many benefits of the master plan and highlight the progress of the plan over time. Our team also launched an interactive Community and encourage residents and community leaders to join and continue the conversation about the master plan and it’s benefits. You can visit the online community here: http://tourismmasterplan.visitindy.com/community.