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Prime Focus Technologies

Managing the Business of Media Content

Prime Focus Technologies (PFT) offers customers transformational solutions that help virtualize the content supply chain and digitally mediate enterprise workflows to manage not just the content, but the business of content. CLEAR™, their award-winning Hybrid Cloud technology enabled Media ERP platform and digital content services helps drive creative enablement, enhance ecosystem efficiencies & sustainability, reduce cost and realize new monetization opportunities.

PFT’s next generation Production Hub, a first of its kind for the industry, is a path-breaking production pipeline application leveraging the power of its Media ERP technology platform. Our team was an integral partner in visualizing and designing the set top box interface ensuring users could intuitively and fluidly maneuver through the application and access the various features available.

Project Details

Client Prime Focus Technologies
Date AUG 2014
Skills Set Top Box Design


PFT’s set top box application enables editors, publishers, content reviewers and network executives access to work-in-progress scenes in a post-production environment. Each of these user types has an established role within the platform as part of the overall content supply chain. PFT partnered with us to design an intuitive application for the multitude of user types who logged in on a regular basis to accomplish assigned tasks such as reviewing, approving, commenting, searching and bookmarking.


Our team conducted interviews with different user types of the system to best understand their offline, manual, linear processes so as to best design an efficient, intuitive, and native online application supporting the many functions of the content supply chain. In addition, our designers took into consideration that the primary navigational device of the application is a remote control. This consideration propelled the team to design with simplicity at the core of the application and thus we:
• Incorporated a persistent color scheme identifying clickable areas
• Designing iconography substituting verbiage that would otherwise consume valuable real estate
• Implementing large, easily scanable fonts for viewing on the big screen
• Designing a clear navigational hierarchy highlighting priority components on the screen


PFT’s newly designed and re-launched set top box has maintained itself as the undeniable reputation in the broadcasting industry as having the highest quality, most technically advanced, intuitively designed content supply chain application in the marketplace.