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Product Introduction to the US Market

Controlling blood sugar balance is a medical condition that affects millions of people in the US. Galachrome tablets from Maxluck BioTechnology, use a patented process that aids glucose absorption and improves metabolism. Because it’s made from natural ingredients there have been no adverse reactions in clinical trials. This award winning breakthrough has been endorsed by well-known scientists and has performed brilliantly in clinical trials.

Available only in Japan, China and Malaysia, Maxluck is ready to introduce this amazing product in the US and sought the partnership of IA&C to create marketing videos and marketing documents to support the US launch.

Project Details

Client Galachrom
Date APR 2014
Skills Video Design & Production


Introducing Galachrome as an effective health and wellness supplement in the US audience was the number one priority for Maxluck. Our team of brand strategists knew to successfully engage the US market, product education would be most effective. Therefore, we proposed a video marketing strategy to help consumers understand the benefits of the supplement, how it worked and to alleviate any concerns regarding side effects.


We were responsible for all phases of video development for two marketing videos starring Galachrom. Video one was a consumer friendly commercial focusing on the many benefits of Galachrom and its stellar performance in the clinical trials. Video two focused on the educational message of specifically how Galachrom worked and its effectiveness in the body controlling blood sugar levels. Our team assigned copy writers who sophisticatedly simplified the messaging to capture the attention of prospective consumers. Our video team sourced actors ad directed them onsite for the production shoot. Our skilled editing team took the commercials to finish in post-production. Our team delivered on two amazing video spots that engaged and educated consumers.

Maxluck has toured the US promoting Galachrom supplements by showcasing both videos to consumers and businesses interested in carrying the product.