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Communicating the Value Proposition in a fun, clever way

Sleepy Giant’s FoFoFum is a leading provider of backend game technology, tools and services to build and run game backends for small to large developers, studios and publishers. FoFoFum offers a turnkey to custom game management software platform along with strong infrastructure services teams to deliver an unmatched best-of-breed solution. Their goal is to enable clients to offer fun and engaging games, retain more players and fans, and sustain performance and success.

Project Details

Client Fofofum

Date AUG 2014

Skills Branding


FoFoFum had a very complicated offering that clients were having a difficult time understanding. FoFoFum wanted a visual way to communicate an overview of their product and how everything worked together.


The Ideas, Art & Code team came up with a simple visual paradigm to give presenters an interesting model they could reference when explaining FoFoFum. The three pieces of the rocket (solutions, infrastructure, and engine) demonstrated how the three basic pieces of the product worked together, yet could still function independent of each other. The look-and-feel and iconography we created was extended into all their sales material, and gave the company a professional, polished look that represented the brand well.