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CIGNEX Datamatics


Delivering a branding homerun for an open source industry leader

In spring 2000, the founders of CIGNEX had a hunch that an unknown, underground unproven software development methodology, “open source” would be big. Based on that hunch they founded CIGNEX to lead the way, determined to be the pioneers of open source and secure its destiny to be big.

By 2011, Forrester reported open source technologies raked in an unprecedented $2billion in industry revenue. Guess whose leading open source systems integration in a big way…CIGNEX.  They are the largest open source integrator in the world, serving Fortune 100 brands and partnering with the most well respected open source technologies in market…Liferay, Alfresco, Drupal and the list goes on.

After 12 years of serving as the leader and champion in the open source space, CIGNEX determined it was time to re-launch their brand. A significant focus of that effort was re-designing their web presence. Our expertise in user centered design combined with CIGNEX’s expertise with technology is the perfect combination.

CIGNEX determined the site re-design should enable Technology Executives to quickly establish awareness and credibility of CIGNEX services in the open source space. Secondly, educate technology professionals on the benefits of adopting open source within their organization.  The most important goal of all, however, embolden Tech Executive to make contact with CIGNEX.


We rose to the occasion by commencing interviews with IT Executives. Like detectives, our goal was to find out how they choose an integration vendor, what is the decision making process and what information was critical for them to make such decisions? These answers turned into the foundation and design of the new site.


CIGNEX also wanted the site redesign to evolve and align with the new look and feel of the brand and to ensure the design embraced CIGNEXs appreciation of promoting a beautiful experience for site visitors. Our creative department approached this goal with iterative design explorations delivering multiple creative compositions and partnering with the marketing department until the right combination of color, joy, fonts, and expression was achieved.

Project Details

Client CIGNEX Datamatics
Date OCT 2013
Skills Branding, User Experience, Design

After numerous engagements working with Tiffany and JM, we were very excited to leverage their expertise for our own site. We’re ecstatic with the new site! Amit Babaria

President - Americas , CIGNEX Datamatics, Inc.


CIGNEX is the largest open source integrator in the world, serving Fortune 100 companies and partnering with the most respected technologies in the market including Drupal, Liferay, Alfresco, and others. With their focus on technology and growing the business, their corporate website was in dire need of an overhaul. The original site was little more than brochure-ware that did not effectively communicate CIGNEX’s true value to each of their core audiences: Clients, Partners, Investors, and Employees.


As a long-time partner, CIGNEX asked our team to redesign the site. We have long provided front-end UX design for CIGNEX clients, and now had the opportunity to apply their methodology to understand CIGNEX’s audience. Extensive end-user interviews, user-centered design, and an iterative process enabling stakeholders to provide ongoing feedback were keys to the successful redesign. The new site complements CIGNEX’s overall marketing approach by presenting a look-and-feel that aligns with their brand and reinforces their industry leadership. The site also effectively educates technology professionals on the benefits of open source and ultimately encourages them to contact CIGNEX.