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Brinks Home Security

Building the Brand & Driving Traffic

Brink’s Home Security Push Pull Rotate door locks are the first knobs and levers that open three ways. Designed to improve the way homeowners open doors, Push Pull Rotate products enable doors to be opened traditionally by turning or rotating them, and in two completely new ways: Pushing or pulling on the knob or lever releases the door latch.

Push Pull Rotate door locks make opening doors easier whether your hands are full or free. A quick bump with an elbow or hip, or a tug with a single finger can open interior or exterior doors more easily, and without setting down groceries, babies, or mobile phones. Although the Push Pull Rotate locks are easier to use, they still stay closed and locked when the user wants them to be, exactly as a “traditional” lock does. Push Pull Rotate handles provide a new door-opening solution and are ADA-compliant.

“It was great working with the team from IAC. They exceeded our expectation with a highly engaging video that demonstrated the power of our product.”

Julie Ernest

Senior Director Door Hardware, Hampton Products International

Project Details

Client Brinks

Date JAN 2015

Skills Media Marketing, Video, eCommerce


Although the product was well received at trade shows and conferences, there was an opportunity to increase consumer sales. The complicated nature of the product was difficult to understand from just a photograph, and potential customers did not fully understand the capabilities of the product.


The team from Ideas, Art & Code knew that the best way to get people to understand how the product works in an engaging way was to create a video that focused to the key new feature to the doorknob – the push action. We would also extend the media that was created into online ads, creating a branding campaign that over-performed – driving traffic to the online store and partner site for conversion.