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Extending Brand Presence to Existing Customers

What do you do when you’re the VP of customer service at the coolest gaming company in the world, Activision, and your customer support experience doesn’t align with the same “coolness” factor? You dedicate, time, resources, and all your energy into designing and developing an effective, comprehensive online customer support experience worthy of the Activision namesake.

Activision’s online customer support center had some challenges…it was difficult to quickly find a resolution to a problem, a bit clumsy with its navigation and was frustrating for most gamers. These challenges resulted in abandonment of the online experience in exchange for a more costly and timely phone support experience.  More notably, the customer service experience didn’t serve as an extension of the overall Activision brand…the coolest gaming company in the world.

And that become the goal of the Customer Support team…extend the awesome game experience to an awesome support experience, by designing a personalized, intuitive and engaging self-service focused experience.

Call in our experts.

Activision’s customer bases are very different and therefore their customer support needs are very different. An 18 year old, male, Call of Duty enthusiast requires a different customer service experience than a 7 year old, female, Skylanders fan.  We interviewed their customer segments to identify, prioritize and design a relevant customer experience for each customer.

Call of Duty devotees are the most loyal and the most demanding. For this consumer segment, personalization and quick resolution was of utmost importance. Recognizing the status and level of the Call of Duty player and acknowledgment of the issue upfront with recommended steps for resolution was critical. They wanted to get back to gameplay as quickly as possible; therefore, resolution must be informative and swift. We aided this goal by implementing customer identification on the homepage and served up only relevant Call of Duty content that was action oriented and informative.

Skylanders is a youth friendly game with toy characters that power gameplay. When a toy malfunctions, the ability for a parent to intuitively navigate through the returns and warranty process is priority number one. We focused our efforts to streamline this process from 13 steps to only 4. For parents doing their best to console a crying child, the redesign resulted in a more positive and faster warranty returns experience and less tears.

Project Details

Client Activision

Date OCT 2013

Skills User Experience, Design, Focus Groups

The team exceeded our expectation with a Customer Support portal design that received strong cross-functional support from departments as varied as Marketing,Operations, and IT. Everyone was thrilled with the results! Melanie Marcell

Senior Customer Service Manager, Activision


Activision’s well-crafted cool-kid brand experience did not extend to their online customer experience. Frustrated gamers encountered a clumsy interface, convoluted navigation, and generally had difficulty finding solutions to their problems. This led to a high abandonment rate on Activision online customer support site, increased call volume to their more expensive call center, and negatively impacted the Activision brand.


The true measure of a successful online customer support experience can be found by reviewing call volumes in Activision’s call centers. Activision reported a decrease in overall inbound calls and the numbers continue to decline.