Going Social

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When it comes to social media, you have to keep your finger on the pulse of what users are excited about. The IA&C team has had multiple successes with social campaigns by keeping this formula in mind.

MoneyPak came to IA&C for ideas on a social marketing campaign to promote their partnership with PayPal. With the partnership, MoneyPak was repositioning their target audience and wanted some Facebook and Twitter love to spread the news. IA&C created a promotional offer where users would receive five dollars for trying the product. Who doesn’t love some free money? Well the IA&C team took it one step further by allowing users to put their face on a five dollar bill to share (let’s be honest “boast”) to their friends via Facebook and Twitter. The “You’re So Money” offer took off in a big way, becoming an indefinite promotion for MoneyPak.

“You guys are awesome!!! Have I told you lately how much I like working with your team?” Helena, Director, Greendot Financial Network.

IA&C has also taken their social skills into the online gaming world. The team worked with Sony to build out their online gaming community for Infamous2 by creating an in-game integration campaign. Infamous2 gamers can create and submit custom missions for the game through the website that is then voted on by the community. What would excite a true gamer more than being able to put their two sense into the game, talk about some serious bragging rights!

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