Talk the Talk – Understanding B2B Needs

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Ideas, Art & Code has proven that you don’t have to be a big company to accomplish great things. IA&C has made great strides in the digital marketing sphere, including staking their name in the healthcare sector.

Blue Cross Blue Shield came to IA&C with a fundamental problem: the process of applying for a Blue Distinction Certification, awarded to qualified hospitals, was a long, confusing paper process prone to error and extensive time delays. Enter going digital.

Per normal, the IA&C team went above and beyond immersing themselves in this healthcare process flow, not only to solve the issue at hand, but to truly understand the best possible solution for this group. After all, if you want to talk the talk you’ve got to walk the walk. IA&C held extensive interviews with leading healthcare figures, executed user experience testing and ultimately ironed out the entire process flow.

The result, an intuitive, navigable application system that met both the user’s and BCBSA’s needs. “IA&C did a wonderful job, not just in the area of usability, but also in helping BCBSA better understand business requirements”. – Boris Vaysburg, Director of Software Engineering, BCBSA

The IA&C team is currently in final negotiations with several other world renowned pharmaceutical companies, including Teva Pharmaceutical. Stay tuned for more details as IA&C continues to expand their footprint of healthcare expertise.

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